Cape Verde

Photo of a beach in Cape Verde

Cape Verde beach

Cesaria Evora, the “Barefoot Diva” revealed to the world the beauty of her archipelago. Off the coast of Senegal, the “Small Country”, retains the strong imprint of Portuguese traditions. At the crossroads of Europe, Africa and South America, the Cape Verde Islands mix the influences of the three continents in a rich racial and cultural diversity. Before crossing the Atlantic to the Caribbean or Brazil, Cape Verde islands are a traditional stopover for sailors. Each of the 10 islands is a journey in itself: desert beaches, amazing sand dunes of Boa Vista, volcanoes, lush valleys. Sal and Boa Vista are known mainly for their water sports spots and are very popular for their great beaches.

Yacht charter in Cape Verde


Drapeau du Cap-Vert
Portuguese, Portuguese Creole
Sao Vicente (VXE)
Cap Verde Escudo (CVE)
Local time
UTC – 1h
High season between November and June
Low season between July and October
Dry season between November and June
Rainy season between July and October
Temperature between 20 and 30 °C
North East trade winds
Harmattan from Sahara
Sailing resume compulsory
Passport and visa compulsory


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