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So many sailing destinations around the world for unforgettable cruising experiences! Sail on catamarans or monohulls and stopover in the most beautiful anchorages!


In Asia, discover the coast of Thailand. Exceptional beaches, colorful coral reefs and fish at the famous bay of Phang Nga with hundreds of giant limestone islands, Phuket…During your stopovers, you will be amazed by the Thai people’s friendliness, Buddhist culture, magnificent temples, delicious fruits…

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In Atlantic or in the Channel, Brittany will seduce you with its authenticity and charming little ports. Further south, Cape Verde islands are no longer just a stopover for boats crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Cape Verde islands are more and more popular with those charterers who want to be close to nature.

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In Med the French Riviera and Corsica will ravish you with their beautiful coastlines and small protected creeks. Sicily, Croatia, Greece and Turkey remain the favorite destinations for charterers who love sailing and visit countries with a rich historical past.

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Indian Ocean

In the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles are another dream destination to play the Robinsons or for honeymooners in paradise…

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Pacific Ocean

In the Pacific Ocean, discover the islands of Polynesia, turquoise lagoons, amazing and colorful marine life in crystal clear waters. Bring home a souvenir of this heaven on earth, a black pearl, a Maori tattoo…

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If you plan other navigations, do not hesitate to tell us about it and we will do our best to help you realize your project.

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