General terms and conditions

MY SAILING CHARTER is an intermediary between the charterer and the provider. The charterer is the final client. The provider or its representative supplies the boat and is responsible for the charters. In any case, the provider general conditions apply.
MY SAILING CHARTER shall not be liable for any accidents and damages occurring during a journey, any consequences resulting from infringement of the rules and formalities applicable in the different countries, any delays, thefts or loss of belongings, damages, bad weather, and events of force majeure (strikes, political or economical events, volcanic eruption, earthquake…).
Any mentions relative to prices, schedules and formalities appearing in our documents are provided as a rough guide and MY SAILING CHARTER may not be held responsible in case of modification done by the provider.


Prices are indicated in Euros and all tax included except if specified otherwise. For countries outside the Euro zone, prices are based on the rate of exchange known at the date of the quotation. In case of fluctuation of the rate of exchange, prices may be modified before the reservation is finalized (that’s to say upon reception of the 1st down payment).
Reservation procedure: 50% 1st down payment within 7 days and remaining balance 6 weeks before departure.
Modes of payments accepted: On-line by credit card (Paybox system) or bank transfer.
Upon reception of the first down payment, MY SAILING CHARTER shall confirm the reservation to the provider. The charterer will receive the provider contract and all the necessary documents, to be sent back to MY SAILING CHARTER within two weeks.
Failure to comply with the payment schedule procedure shall cause the termination of the contract. MY SAILING CHARTER shall retain the amounts paid without the charterer being entitled to any refund.
The contract complies with the FFIN (Nautical Industries French Federation).


Any cancellation must be notified in writing and sent registered mail to MY SAILING CHARTER. Refund procedures are as mentioned in the provider general conditions. Furthermore, MY SAILING CHARTER applies file fees (10% of the charter price with a minimum of 500€). Moreover, there is no refund 6 weeks or less before departure.
The charterer has the possibility to subscribe a cancellation insurance with Ouest Assurances , a MY SAILING CHARTER partner.

Deposit and Excess

The charterer remains responsible up to the deposit amount. This deposit is a guaranty designed to cover:
– the boat insurance excess
– lost equipment
– damage to third parties

The deposit is left by the charterer upon boarding and is returned at the end of the charter if there is no damage or loss of equipment. The provider may apply a delay before returning the deposit.


Security insurance:
In case of damage covered by the boat insurance, the charterer remains responsible up to the excess amount. The charterer may subscribe an insurance excess repurchase with Ouest Assurances, a MY SAILING CHARTER partner.

Cancellation-Assistance insurance:
The charterer may subscribe a cancellation and/or assistance insurance with Ouest Assurances, a MY SAILING CHARTER partner.


Any dispute must be immediately submitted to the base managers or local representatives. Otherwise, claims shall not be taken into account. Without any amicable conciliation between the charterer and the provider, a legal action shall be submitted to the court in the country where the cruise started.